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Meebo Toolbar Vs. Facebook Connect / Publisher

The Meebo Toolbar is a feature on our site located in the footer area of each web page of the website.

We have now made the Meebo Toolbar accessible and usable by anyone visiting our website. Due to an assumed JavaScript compatibility conflict between the Toolbar feature and the Facebook OpenID feature (the latter being mainly for fast signups or log-ins using Facebook), we had until now (and after a few tests) set the Toolbar feature to be accessed only by those registered as members on our social website (i.e. on the site itself, or in their logged-in status). However, we realize now that this option is rather limiting and have therefore decided to have the (Toolbar) feature set to be usable by all users or anyone surfing our website: members and guests, or logged-in users as well as those not logged-in or registered.

The Meebo Toolbar Feature:

Where is the Meebo Toolbar located? … Please check the footer area of any web page on the website. The Meebo Toolbar is a flat, dominantly grey horizontal bar that will pop up (especially after scrolling down a page) from the foot or bottom of your browser window, when visiting our site. The Toolbar has pop-up menu items or links for—(starting from left to right)—sharing (“Share Page”), YouTube, Stumble It!, Recent Activity (on the site), and with the Facebook “Like” icon, icons for Twitter, Digg This, for our Facebook Fan Page, for Meebo Chat, for Facebook “Recommend”; and, on the far right end of the bar, an icon for connecting via Meebo to Meebo, Facebook Chat, AIM, Windows Live and Google Talk.

For the purpose of our website, the Toolbar serves mainly to enable any user quickly and easily share, post or cross-publish content (or a User’s active page's content, wherever a User may currently be on the IfweBantu site) to Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo!, Google Buzz etc, and with even an option to send such content externally via a User’s standard, web-based email account (by way of the “Share Page” link with an arrow icon beside it, on the left). The Toolbar also enables Users to “Like” our Facebook Page (for anyone that hasn’t yet), and it also fetches latest Facebook status updates or news feeds from our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/IfweBantu) and Twitter tweets from our Twitter page (https://twitter.com/#!/IfweBantu), respectively. The pop-up hyperlinks on the right hand side of the toolbar are for live chat via Meebo, Facebook Chat, AIM, Windows Live and Google Talk. Users will connect via a pop-up window and be able to chat live with friends, fans or followers via those networks, directly from the IfweBantu website on any active/current page the User may be on.

The Facebook Connect / Publisher Feature:

The Facebook Connect / Publisher feature uses a plug-in that supports OpenID referral / sign-up tracking, auto-login / single sign-on, “invite Facebook Friend”, publication of news and activity status updates to Facebook, and it supports “invite-only” websites, whereby members can invite selected Facebook friends. Users can see Facebook friends that are also members of a User's community, discover friends that are not yet members and be able to invite them. Therefore, with this feature, Users can also connect our social network to Facebook and “cross-publish” user content & activities such as the creation of an event or group, posting of a classified etc. to Facebook. The integrated quick sign-up & log-in features have properties for full & accurate field-mapping.

These two features allow us to create a high level of interactivity within our social network or between our community, on one hand, and the Facebook website and other networks, on the other, which has become standard practice for any serious website keen on social networking. They increase online social interaction and the latter feature significantly simplifies the sign-up process for new users or log-in process for those already registered as members of our social network.

Registered members on our site that notice any dysfunction, malfunction or conflict in the functionality of these two above–mentioned features, due presumably to their simultaneous activation based on a JavaScript issue, can contact us anytime with details so that we fix the bug.

Thank you for your support!