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Badge Plug-in:

The Badge plug-in allows for a user to be (possibly) assigned (profile) badges which can then be displayed as (a series of) iconic images on their profile page(s). We will also use this to build pages for special members, award pages for members with detailed reviews and recognition, or even VIPs etc. Users may optionally pay to have certain special badges. Basically, badges can be assigned across various criteria of user groupings like user-level, network or sub-network, profile type etc. This plug-in can be applied in combination of different modes. A common use for our social network would seem to be to display badges on a user’s profile that match to that profile. Depending on profile type, users can have a maximum of between, say, 3 & 10 badges (per profile or per user) or as we shall decide... We may assign (at least some of) these badges individually from the admin area or badges may be automatically attached to a member's profile based on that member's user-level or profile, network or sub-network type etc. so that, for example, all users in the ‘Standard User’ level would show the ‘Standard User’ badge, which would then display a selected graphic icon/image to match that user profile type. Alternatively, users may request for or add certain badges by themselves. In general, therefore, badges may be assigned, chosen or even purchased—(for special PAID badges that go with special rights & privileges on the site)—by any user if or when we allow any of those options or see it as necessary. 

Therefore, badges may be free, free-for-all, cost a fee or not for free! Click here for further details.